Fresh Meal.Club is a provider of fresh, healthy gourmet meals that combines the two factors that people are looking for:

Quality and Flavor– along with the two things most people struggle with at mealtime – Balance and Portion Control.

Fresh Meal.Club is designed to promote and supply fresh and healthy meal programs to diverse sectors of our population. From “Farm to Table” we strive to use the very best ingredients that are seasonable, all natural and locally sourced, to deliver a gourmet meal to fit one’s lifestyle. Our goal is to spread health and wellness for a better living through the convenience of programs that empower you with the tools to master a more wholesome existence.

5  Meal Styles to Choose From

  •        Fresh
  • A well balanced, portion controlled meal for those who have no need to track their caloric intake but are looking for a fresh healthy meal. Using the freshest produce and responsibly sourced meats these meals bring the experience of a fine “farm to table” style restaurant to you.

  •      Smart
  • A convenient portion-controlled meal using only premium ingredients to provide a balance of lean proteins, grains, vegetables and carbohydrates. The smart choice focuses on healthy living, convenience and weight management.

  •      Vegetarian
  • This program is designed with the vegetarian’s lifestyle in mind. A balanced, meat free menu combines deep flavor profiles to achieve great taste and variety. Fresh Meal Solutions is creating the best options for the true vegetarian looking to sustain a healthy well balanced diet.

  •       Athletic
  • For those committed to health, fitness and training, this program is geared towards the high performance athlete looking towards a higher calorie meal with large protein portions. This will help sustain energy for intense and rigorous training while helping to reduce body fat and not compromise the body.

  •        Paleo
  • Probably the most popular and becoming our fastest growing program, the Paleo diet is a throwback to the era when everything was hunted, gathered or picked. With a new understanding of the adverse effects of gluten’s to one’s body, this plan is free of grains, dairy and processed foods. A convenient way to follow the discipline.

How It Works

Step 1

Register with Fresh Meal Solutions.

Step 2

Choose a meal plan based on your lifestyle, restrictions and your nutrition goals.

Step 3

Review the upcoming menus, adjust your delivery schedule and add additional items as desired.

Step 4

Receive meals at your Facility or Pickup at a convenient Location.




We are excited to announce that we are almost done with our new, enhanced website. We are still working through the kinks but we would like to give you a glimpse of the site with most of the features shown. Just click on the link and we will whisk you to our BETA for a look. Be sure to come back and enjoy a FRESH MEAL.


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