Why It Works

Fresh Meal Solutions is now providing unique plans for supplying Fresh and Healthy meals to Students, Employees, Athletes and Health Minded Individuals throughout our area. But why do our meal plans work so well?

  • First Time: In today’s busy 24/7 rush of life, time has become a precious commodity. The time spent grocery shopping, preparing meals, cooking and then cleaning up. This is time that is easily given up for a run through the fast food outlet or a meal of “cupboard munchies”. There are times that the meal is missed altogether just to accommodate your schedule. Having that lunch or dinner available and ready at your convenience can provide more time to taxi the kids, studies or getting that important paper out. Then there is that always present list of “To Do’s”. At home, who would miss not having a fresh meal waiting for you upon your return. At work, sometimes there is little time to eat let alone figure out where your lunch might be coming from. Put an end to the vending machine lunch. Time is a gift that we can help you to re-claim. 

  • Then Money: Log for one week every dollar spent on food along with the time loss in shopping, prepping, cooking and cleaning. Then think about how much your time is worth and you will realize that you really did not save time or money. At school, meal cards are easy to run through and that can easily tax the budget when having to add more funds to it. Cards also promote poor meal balance and proportion control. On the go most available meal options may be fast but do not give you a fresh and healthy lifestyle. Those that do, take time for the dining experience and you pay for it in money and time. Our plan provides a diversity of meal styles and tastes all at a predetermined, set price. Due to our volume of production, prices are kept low considering the quality and freshness of our offerings.

  • Last Convenience: Have you set goals to promote a healthy lifestyle? Our meals are all designed to help you meet your goals. Menus are reviewed by our staff dietitian to insure they fit your eating style. What is more convenient than to have your own personal meal waiting for a quick pick-up? Or better yet, delivered right to your complex, office or gym? NOTHING! Eating healthy is easy. Let us do the thinking and prepare a fresh meal that provides the needed nutritional value for the lifestyle you choose all designed for your convenience.






We are excited to announce that we are almost done with our new, enhanced website. We are still working through the kinks but we would like to give you a glimpse of the site with most of the features shown. Just click on the link and we will whisk you to our BETA for a look. Be sure to come back and enjoy a FRESH MEAL.


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